Exeter Street Capital Partners takes a long term, partnership approach to investing. We look for situations where we can deliver both strategic and operating resources to help businesses grow and achieve their potential. The Exeter Street team collectively has over 100-years of investing experience and can call on a deep bench of internal and external advisors to support our strategic objectives, depending on the situation and the need. This may include providing additional capital for growth initiatives or add-on acquisitions, running search processes for talented managers to supplement existing leadership teams, and calling on outside experts to focus on maximizing areas such as marketing, customers, pricing, operations, international expansion and new product innovation, to name a few. We believe in moving expeditiously, but are under no pre-determined timeline to exit or monetize our investments.

Investment Criteria

  • Greater than $10 million of revenue
  • $3-$5 million of EBITDA
  • Control and structured equity opportunities
  • Profitable businesses; demonstrated growth potential
  • Meaningful founder / owner co-investment

Target Characteristics

  • Proven and sustainable competitive advantages
  • Recurring revenue or customer characteristics
  • Potential for optimizing product/service portfolio
  • Opportunities for manufacturing or supply chain optimization
  • Pathways toward market leadership
  • Long-term M&A and/or consolidation potential

Our Key Value Drivers

Accelerate growth: sales and marketing expansion, use of latest tools and analytics, new product development, new market penetration / expansion

Build human capital: development and completion of leadership team, internal and external sales team, and other areas of need

Drive M&A: opportunities for horizontal or vertical growth, acquisition of key technologies or access to potential new markets

Optimize operations and technology: increase efficiency, accuracy, data analytics and reporting

Access capital markets: conservative use of leverage to optimize capital structure

Leverage our advisory network: seasoned, relevant industry professionals to provide leadership at the board and C-suite level